01. Hotel and Casino in Tsakhkadzor, Armenia. Customer: G. Chilingaryan
02. Office Interior Project for Mikmetall CJSC Board of Directors, Yerevan. Customer: Mikmetall CJSC
03. Office Building Conceptual Project in Yerevan, Proshyan str. Customer: T. Khachatryan
04. H & A Shop Design Project in Yerevan, Tigran Mets ave. Customer: A. Ishkhanyan
05. Private House Project in Sevan, Armenia. Customer: L. Sargsyan
06. Megafood Main Office Renovation Project, Yerevan. Customer: Megafood CJSC
07. Conceptual Project for Mitsubishi Motors Yerevan. Customer: Megamotors
08. Burberry Brand Store in Yerevan, Nord ave. Customer: Imex Group
09. Apartment in Yerevan, Teryan str. Customer: T. Khachatryan
10. Brioni Brand Shop in Yerevan, Tumanyan str. Customer: Multi Group
11. Akhtamar Hotel in Sevan, Armenia. Customer: Akhtamar CJSC

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