Though they’re one of the easiest (and most affordable) elements to change in a room, lamps tend to stick around in a room. Once you buy that task light, table lamp or even a floor lamp, it even stays exactly in place until your next move. This might be because lighting seems immune to trends, so the eye gets used to the same-old look in the same-old spot. But that’s definitely not the case – remember how big paper globe lantern pendants went from “ubiquitous” to “overused” years ago?

Right now, there’s a rising trend in the world of lighting: mushroom lamps. These short, sculptural table lamps share the shape as their namesake, and though they look fresh, it’s actually a look with deep roots (no pun intended). The mushroom lamp dates back to a mid-century design by Vico Magistretti, so it’s recent ascendency to must-have status might be tied to the never-ending enthusiasm for that era’s decor. But unlike the light, airy styles of the period, the mushroom lamp has a bolder silhouette that makes a serious impact in a room.

If you’re curious to try out this new trend, take a look at the way designers have integrated the table lamp into a room.

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